Please visit: www.musclefitnessstore.com and click on ‘More’ at the top right of the page and click on ‘My Account’ from the drop down menu.

If you have mistakenly received an incorrect product or flavour, please get in touch with us via: support@musclefitnessstore.com  to notify us of the mistake. Before getting in touch, please check your order, to confirm that a product selection mistake has not been made, as this is a regular occurrence.

If you are unhappy with the taste of your product, unfortunately this is not within our control. However, we value our customers greatly, so please contact us if you are displeased, and we will try our best to rectify the issue.

If the condition of the product is effected, for example, a powdered product has lumps, please check whether this is typical for this product, as some supplements have various ingredients which alter the texture.

In the case that a product is truly unsatisfactory, we can perform a swap, or provide a refund once we receive your return.

If you have not received a confirmation email, it is likely that either the order has not gone through, or the email address is incorrect. If the order has not gone through, this could be due to payment issues, please check your method of payment to ensure a payment has been made. Please also check your account’s order history, to confirm the order has been placed. If the email is incorrect, the order will be processed as usual.

You can contact our customer service team at support@musclefitnessstore.com

Finally, you can reach us through social media. Instagram @musclefitness_store Facebook @musclefitnessstore and Twitter @MuscleFitnessS1 .